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SOLAR Brewed Sustainability

For over two decades, we have operated an earth-friendly and sustainable business with our recycling and solar energy programs. 


In 2016 our 480 panel photovoltaic system was installed by our neighbors Grenergy Solar and Torrico Electric. This 144 KW solar-electric system produces 168,000 Kilowatt Hours annually, providing our businesses with 85% of our electric needs. This new installation places us in the top 20 solar-beer breweries in the world according to Solar Plaza data collected in 2016.

Solar-Hot Water

In 2007, our 30-panel, roof mounted, solar hot water system was installed and decreased our natural gas usage by 50%. The solar hot water system heats all of the hot water for not only the brewery, but also for hand washing and dishwashing for both the restaurant and our banquet facility, Crissey Farm.


All of the spent grain from our brewery feeds the cows at a local beef farm.


Since 1995, we have recycled all paper, cardboard, cans and glass. In 2007, our banquet facility was built with reclaimed materials, including wood, and carpet made from recycled material.