Our Beers

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Our Solar-Brewed Beers

Over the course of the year, the beers we serve and sell vary.  
Here is an overall list of what our brewer creates:

  • Ice Glen IPA: a big and bold traditional India Pale Ale with a balanced hop and malt finish
  • Black Bear Stout: black and creamy with a rich, roasted flavor
  • Barrington Brown: a northern English style brown with a full-bodied finish
  • Hopland Pale Ale: a copper-colored American style pale ale.  Highly hopped, with a bold aroma and flavorful finish
  • Berkshire Blonde: our lightest beer; it still has great body
  • Raspberry Ale: a light beer with the refreshing taste of raspberry
  • Vienna: a light, European style beer
  • Firecracker Imperial IPA: 8 1/2%, our Independence Day ale
  • Mankin's English Ale: a light English style session beer
  • Wedded Bliss: a Dortmunder style lager
  • Bavarian Wheat: a German style Hefe
  • E.S.B.: English style extra special bitter
  • Porter: dark and robust
  • Prague Pilzner: a Czech-style pilsner
  • Scottish Ale: a malty Scottish brew
  • Yule Fuel: our Christmas beer
  • Alt: a German ale
  • "R" Hop: made with the hops we grow, available in the fall
  • Mankin's Organic: an English style session beer made with organic malt and organic hops
  • NEW ENGLANDER - a pale ale made with hops from the MA Connecticut River Valley and barley from the Maine Potato Growers Association