Our Beers

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We offer the freshest, handcrafted food and beer made right here.

Our Solar-Brewed Beers

We brew with water, barley, hops, yeast and occasionally wheat or oats. Our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized with no other additives or preservatives. We use copper finings for clarity (vegan). 

Current Tap List

Over the course of the year, the beers we serve and sell vary, including 3 rotating seasonal taps and a rotating Cask Conditioned tap.

Check back for your favorite!

Here is list of what our brewer creates throughout the year :

  • Ice Glen IPA: a big and bold traditional India Pale Ale with a balanced hop and malt finish

  • Black Bear Stout: black and creamy with a rich, roasted flavor

  • Barrington Brown: a northern English style brown with a full-bodied finish

  • Hopland Pale Ale: a copper-colored American style pale ale. Highly hopped, with a bold aroma and flavorful finish

  • Berkshire Blonde: our lightest beer; it still has great body

  • Raspberry Ale: a light beer with the refreshing taste of raspberry

  • Vienna: a light, European style beer

  • Firecracker Imperial IPA: 8 1/2%, our Independence Day ale

  • Mankin's English Ale: a light English style session beer

  • Wedded Bliss: a Dortmunder style lager

  • Bavarian Wheat: a German style Hefe

  • E.S.B.: English style extra special bitter

  • Porter: dark and robust

  • Prague Pilzner: a Czech-style pilsner

  • Scottish Ale: a malty Scottish brew

  • Yule Fuel: our Christmas beer

  • Alt: a German ale

  • "R" Hop: made with the hops we grow, available in the fall

  • Mankin's Organic: an English style session beer made with organic malt and organic hops

  • NEW ENGLANDER - a pale ale made with hops from the MA Connecticut River Valley and barley from the Maine Potato Growers Association